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Inspired by Difference

A creative design agency for all your business needs

At Omnivorz, we aren’t interested in plunging our clients into the ocean of conformity that we see all around us. The greatest brands are the ones that think outside of the box, and this is the fundamental principle we bring to every project we design.

We stand for quality and individuality in the work we do; qualities we would love to bring to your brand to help you evolve and expand.

A diverse catalogue of creative solutions


Impactful digital solutions

We have worked with a wide range of brands across many industries. With every website we design, we aim to target the essence of a business in a way that combines creativity and functionality.

We always bring the latest technical developments and trends that are here to stay, and guarantee a multidimensional finished product that is smooth and fast, mobile-friendly and fully equipped for analytics and SEO requirements.

Mesmerizing print solutions

Pamphlets, brochure design services, business cards – we work on a number of print products for businesses, and we bring a touch of class to every one.

Expect sleek graphic design and layout that will have the right impact on the reader. Exude class and professionalism in a way that matches your brand for a comprehensive, unified approach to marketing your business, services or products.

Impressive digital solutions

The first thing a potential customer or client will see of your brand is the logo, so a quality logo is a powerful tool for capturing your audience. We produce memorable, visionary designs that will truly help you stand out from the crowd.

Your logo will help to define every other aspect of your branding, and a professional design will provide the perfect foundation.

Recent Work


Below you will find a portfolio that showcases our most recent projects across a range of digital and print mediums.

Let’s Work Together


Have a project in mind we can help you with? Get in touch with us and we’ll go from there.


Let’s Work Together

Have a project in mind we can help you with? Get in touch with us and we’ll go from there.